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13 years of professional construction and innovative design

Advantages of Chengdu Public Assembly Company 13 years of growth history, top reputation
Chengdu Hotel Decoration Advantages 0 Additional service commitments
Chengdu office decoration advantages Sichuan AAA Credit Enterprise
Chengdu Hotel Decoration Advantages National Quality Acceptance Standard
Advantages of Chengdu Public Assembly Company Engineering supervision system, refuse to outsource
Chengdu Hotel Decoration Advantages Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Special Grade B
Chengdu office decoration advantages One-stop shopping / saving time / saving effort / worry
Chengdu Hotel Decoration Advantages Professional contractor of architectural decoration project
Public company advantages Decoration integration services
Chengdu Longyu Decoration Advantage Business "1 to 1" professional consultant docking

现代简装| 商务型酒店 东北大厦效果图鉴赏_五星级酒店装修_高端星级酒店装修效果图_高端星级酒店装修实景图 Appreciation of modern renderings of five-star northeast mansion hotel decoration | Appreciation of renderings of northeast mansion of business hotel _ five-star hotel decoration _ high-end star hotel decoration effect _ high-end star hotel decoration real picture

酒店装修设计效果图客房 室内

时尚现代| 商务型酒店 Hotel decoration design renderings guest room interior stylish modern | Business hotel


现代简装| 商务型酒店 Modern hotel decoration design renderings modern minimalist | business hotel


时尚现代| 商务型酒店 Chengdu Four-star Hotel Decoration Pictures Stylish and Modern | Business Hotel


现代简装| 商务型酒店 Modern business hotel decoration renderings | Business hotel

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Free room

In the case that there is no detailed size plan, you can call [028-83375451] hotline to make an appointment for consultation or visit our company directly. We will arrange designers to visit the room according to your needs

Design 3 sets of decoration design plan

After the initial communication of the measuring room, the two parties reached a design intention, and the designer gave three sets of decoration design plans according to your decoration needs. After further communication between the two parties based on the three existing plans, the decoration plan was determined. Communication and modification of the graphic design plan to determine the decoration plan.

Chief tool designer manager has more than 10 years design experience

Langyu Public Decoration Company has a mature and professional tooling design team, and the chief designer has more than 10 years of design experience, independently completing the project design and the later construction docking work. The designer is an important role in your decoration. A good designer can make the most of the existing space layout in the design plan.

Free tooling budget quote

After determining the decoration plan, the designer will provide you with a transparent and detailed quotation based on your decoration project. We promise that the floating of budget and balance will not exceed 5. In the initial quotation, the project will be unclear, the main materials are not clear, and the items will be added randomly. doubt.

Provide one-stop service for tooling design, construction, and building materials

To provide you with a convenient one-stop service, not only can provide design and construction services, but also provide you with high-quality building materials and furniture. We have close cooperation relationships with many building material manufacturers and furniture manufacturers, with a wide range of products and good prices, which will definitely meet your needs.

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    Apartment hotel decoration renderings
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    (Wooden) New Chinese Hotel Decoration Effect Picture
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    Financial investment company office decoration appreciation
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    Simple office decoration pictures
    Yang Weihong
    Design concept: Perfect design needs to be presented in combination with the structure of the space. The corporate culture and the nature of the company are also ways of expressing the design. The emphasis is on the use of details such as points, lines, and surfaces. Thinking, pursuing the function and taste of design and shaping the higher level artistic conception! 设计年限: 8 年 代表作品:福建福州开发银行大厦(团队设计)、苏州软件测控办公室(设计)、上海中国移动展厅(设计)、成都互联网科技中心办公室(设计、施工)、西藏日喀则双语培训(设计)、湖北格格酒店标间(设计)、上海恩德酒店标间(设计)、成都喻味府重庆火锅(设计、施工)、成都华尔兹音乐餐吧(设计、施工)、长沙工业风西餐厅(设计) Design style: Modern minimalist design Duration: 8 years Representative works: Fujian Fuzhou Development Bank Building (team design), Suzhou Software Measurement and Control Office (design), Shanghai China Mobile Exhibition Hall (design), Chengdu Internet Technology Center Office (design, construction), Bilingual training in Xigaze, Tibet (design), Hubei Gege Hotel Standard Room (design), Shanghai Ende Hotel Standard Room (design), Chengdu Yuwei House Chongqing Hot Pot (design, construction), Chengdu Waltz Music Restaurant (design, construction), Changsha Industrial style western restaurant (design)

    点击查看详情 Name: Teng Di Design Age: 5 years Good at Style: American Nordic Japanese Modern Chinese Click here for details


    点击查看详情 Name: Feng Zhijun Design period: 5 years Good at style: modern simplicity, LOFT, neo-classical, eclecticism, new Chinese style, mix and match Click for details


    点击查看详情 Name: Chen Tingran Design period: 6 years Good at style: modern fashion, simple Click to view details


    点击查看详情 Name: Liu Shuai Design life: 5 years Good at style: American style, European style, modern style Click to view details

    Lang Yu dress solution, the decoration guide you need.
    24小时客服电话:028-83375451 (18181966518) Appointment quotation 24-hour customer service phone: 028-83375451 (18181966518)
    Starting to calculate the quoted price is for reference only, the actual decoration price is subject to the site inspection
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    Sichuan AAA Credit Enterprise
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    Chengdu decoration company hotel decoration renderings
    Chengdu decoration company hotel decoration renderings

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